MobiShield Lock

A mobile retailer who uses a Mobishield lock can now easily and stress-free finance themselves.The target market for this product is retailers who regularly have issues with payment collection. Retailers can manage their financed clients using the Mobishield lock app and the Mobishield lock. This app is only compatible with Android mobile devices. If the EMI is not paid on time, the retailer has the power to immediately lock the screen. Nobody can factory reset or hard reset the phone once it is purchased by the retailer.

Special Features


100% Safety

Complete factory reset protection.


Lock Screen

The retailers can lock the phone's screen with their own pin and password.


Restart with one command

Retailers only need to issue one command to restart customer phones.


No App Permissions

There is no need for authorization.


No Settings

Special settings are not required.


No Installation

No apps need to be installed.

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